01 / Video

Video security is the new must have item for every homeowner, business, and government agency. Studies show that video security is the number 1 deterrent of crime.


Alarm systems which alert a monitoring center require either a phone line or cellular connection to reach a monitoring center, then the operator must call the local police dispatch center and the dispatcher must gather information and dispatch law enforcement. Due to the frequency of these types of calls and the already large workload of most law enforcement agencies it could take hours to get someone to your residence. What’s more is when police do arrive and the suspect has fled a visual description will still be needed.

The vision most people have of video security are large turret style cameras mounted on the side of a building, complicated controls, and bulky, expensive recorders. While all of this used to be true, a revolution of sorts is taking place among video security systems. Today's video cameras can be as small as the palm of your hand, 100% weather proof, see in the dark, have long range zoom capabilities, don’t need a dedicated power outlet, and can even have a microphone and speaker built right in! 


The playback software which resides on a network video recorder or NVR is no bigger than a cable box, can record months of video, can send you intrusion alerts via email or text alerts right to your cellular device or pc, can be viewed from any PC or smart phone and can even turn on an audible alarm at your installation location!

Most security companies require a monthly payment or a long-term contract. We will NEVER ask for a monthly payment or for any long-term contract and all of our systems come with a 1 year warranty for no additional charge. 

02 / Data

Data communications today include almost every area of our life. Whether it be at home, work, or on the road we all demand a constant connection. Poor data or no data at all can bring life to a screeching halt and unfortunately in the rural area in which our company is based and many of the surrounding areas poor data communication is a frustrating reality.

We get it you expect a fast and reliable internet connection. While we are not an internet service provider we do have a working relationship with several providers and can provide you with the best options available where your home or business is located. In many cases, we have saved our customers thousands of dollars a year and improved internet service just by changing a provider, changing the service that provider is offering, or combing several different internet connections into a single connection.

Many times a customer’s problems may not be related to the ISP at all but improper equipment. An example of this may be a customer may who has a wireless router on one floor of the house but is having issues with connectivity on another floor. The problem here is not the ISP but the customers’ equipment is not strong enough to provide a signal where it’s needed. We have many reliable options for extending wireless signal. In some cases we may be able to extend not just feet but miles!

If you are experiencing issues with poor internet, call us. We will come to your home or business evaluate your setup and give our best recommendation. If the ISP is your problem we will help you determine which vendor best fits your needs and if equipment is the issue we will help to find what works best given your situation.

03 / Voice

Voice communications have been around longer than most of us been alive. What could possibly be innovative about a phone? Well, a lot! Our phones use voice over IP or VOIP. VOIP improves over traditional phone systems with much higher voice quality, the ability to have an extension off your central phone system anywhere you have an internet connection, integration into the existing data network, and “smart” desk phones.

We connect that system to the outside world with SIP lines. These lines use the internet to transport the call rather than the traditional telephone networks. The reason we do this is the much lower cost associated with using SIP along with the fact that SIP carriers do not charge any long-distance fees. We then supplement the system with traditional analog lines from the telephone company. The reason we do this is to provide a level of redundancy. In SIP only systems any loss of internet connectivity will cause loss of all lines in the system but with analog redundancy you will always be able to make and receive calls giving you the best of both worlds and providing a major advantage over companies like Vonage.

Most companies charge thousands and thousands of dollars to install one of these systems. Then add the fact that features like voice mail, auto attendants, conference rooms, voicemail to e-mail and any other features all cost extra. This system is a fraction of the cost of many other larger vendors and still offers all features for free.

Another big advantage is most changes to the system can be made remotely over the internet by one of our technicians and all systems include a 1 year warranty.


Our companies experience with communications and technology is extensive. Owner, Adam Stephens has a degree in Network Engineering as well as A+, Net+, Security+, MCP, Avaya, and Open Telephony certifications. His experience over the last 10 years includes a stop as an IT Manager at Self, Maples, Copeland in Oneonta AL and senior field engineer for Huntsville AL based TCI and Guntersville AL based RPSS where he managed and installed public safety answering and logging equipment for over 100 different dispatch centers throughout the country.

During this time he dealt with issues ranging from cleaning the dust from the inside of a computer to planning and moving entire cities and counties mission critical 911 lines. One constant is that no matter the situation his customers could not have been more pleased with the work performed. The reason behind that is simple. Honesty, hard work, reliability and going above and beyond. You can buy your equipment from anyone but what good is the best equipment on the market and the service is subpar. Our reputation is our EVERYTHING!



Our company excels in specialized high def security camera systems, solar cameras, wireless data communications, voice over ip phone systems, computer repair, and internet security. We specialize in public safety & local government, however we have solutions for residential customers to!

Our portfolio includes planning and design of a countywide camera network with approximately 50 cameras including the historic covered bridges of Blount County, a remote 24x7 monitoring solution inside the 911 dispatch center, multiple wireless city park camera systems, a city wide WiFi network, video security services for Wallace State Community College and Hometown Bank, plus video and voice communications for many other businesses throughout the state.

We believe in fair pricing and we will never charge a monthly fee for your system. The four values that represent our company are faith, pride, honesty, & respect. It's how we live our lives and it's how we run this business. Please call, email, or visit our website today! We would be happy to hear from you.